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Dr. Dabber Stella Vaporizer
  • Dr. Dabber Stella Vaporizer
  • Dr. Dabber Stella Vaporizador
  • Vaporizador Dr. Dabber Stella
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Dr. Dabber Stella Vaporizer


The Stella vaporizer by Dr. Dabber is a more powerful and efficient version than its predecessor, the Aurora. The Stella is efficient, powerful, and easy to use. It features three heat settings in addition to a preheat setting ranging from 238 to 413 degrees Celsius.

The Stella works with a “floating vapor chamber” that ensures that heat is concentrated directly to your material, helping your draws stay smooth and elongating the battery life due to no wasted heating. Dr. Dabber Stella boasts a “vortex flow” which is created by offset air inlets that help keep draw resistance low. It has an alumina-ceramic chamber to help bring your concentrate’s flavor out, the chamber is paired with a silicone filter and an airflow regulator to help engineer more vapor production no matter which temperature you’ve chosen.

Dr. Dabber Stella Features:

  • Floating Vaporization Chamber to optimize performance
  • Vortex Airflow
  • TCR heating element for constant voltage to avoid burnt hits
  • Single-button operation making the operation convenient
  • Heat-up time only 10 seconds.
  • A battery capacity of 600 mAh could last for 6 to 9 sessions
  • Made of Medical graded materials
  • Ceramic Mouthpiece
  • Vaping while charging
  • SnapTech Magnetic Technology
  • 4 different Heat Settings
  • Easy to Clean
  • Improved Battery Technology
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Dr. Dabber has come out with the next-generation vaporizer pen Stella. It provides the perfect balance of convenience and effectiveness. Built around a sleek, stainless steel body, the Stella features three heat settings that range between 237 – 412 degrees Celcius. The device comes with a TCR heating element that controls the voltage to avoid burnt hits.

The Floating Vaporization Chamber and Vortex Airflow combination will take your vape sessions to another level!

Stella vaporizer is suitable for use with wax, oil, CBD extracts, and concentrates.



Based on customer feedback, Dr. Dabber's team optimized the heat settings to create a vape pen that works great with a wide variety of oils. Stella has three heat settings ranging from 287°C to 412°C degrees, and a preheat setting at 237°C degrees.

The Stella vaporizer comes with a cutting-edge Floating Vapor Chamber which optimizes the performance of the device. The floating chamber creates less contact with the body of the device to drastically reduces external temperature while concentrating heat directly onto the payload.

One of the biggest improvements to Stella is that it now features a TCR temperature control circuit (Temperature Coefficient Resistance). This means that rather than just delivering a set voltage, Stella measures temperature and smartly adjusts voltage based on the desired temperature. This extends battery life, wick, and coil efficiency and improves the consistency of Stella’s performance by eliminating dry or burnt hits.


Hits are further improved by Stella’s offset air intakes that create a swirling vortex of airflow which maximizes flavor and vapor production. To make your hits even better, Dr. Dabber improved the mouthpiece and silicone airflow regulator that reduces the splashing of the concentrates during a session. They even include pass-through charging functionality, so you can always vape – even when it’s charging!

All these things that make Stella so great, are packed in the small black stainless steel body housing. The Stella is made with medical food-grade materials.



1. Remove the magnetic mouthpiece and load the wax into the chamber.

2. Re-attach the mouthpiece back on and click the only button five times rapidly to turn on the device.

3. To adjust the temperature click the button 3 times

  1. Preheat level - Purple - 237°C
  2. Heat level 1 - Green - 287°C
  3. Heat level 2 - Cyan - 332°C
  4. Heat level 3 - Orange - 412°C

4. Press and hold the button to initiate the heating.

5. Once it has reached the unit reaches the desired temperature the lights will start blinking.

6.Enjoy your Stella, a draw is limited to 15 seconds and the vape will cut off if held in any longer! You must hold in the button while drawing to activate the heating cycle!

Note! If you are using more dense concentrates, preheat the Stella vape pen! To preheat the unit, click 2 times on the button. The lights will glow purple. It takes about 15 seconds to heat up to 237C, which is the preheat temperature.

Keep the pen upright while in use and until it has cooled down. This way you prevent any residual oil from spilling outside of the heating chamber.



1* Dr. Dabber Stella Vape Pen

1* Loading Tool

1* USB-C Charging Cable


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