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Vivant Ambit


The Vivant Ambit vaporizer is a highly portable, palm-sized, dry herb convection vaporizer that is built with quality and ease of use in mind, without sacrificing performance. It comes with a digital display, precision temperature control, ultra-fast 30-second heat uptime, and a powerful 1500mAh battery that offers 10 sessions on a full charge.

If you are looking for an affordable, dry herb vaporizer that is high functioning and convenient to use, the Ambit Vaporizer is for you!

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The Vivant Ambit portable vaporizer is made for dry blends and is equipped with a powerful 1500mAh battery, advanced convection style heating with precise temperature control, and a digital display screen. It measures in at only 6.85cm tall and 5.5cm wide, making it an ultra-compact vaporizer that you can take with you in your pocket and is perfect for stealthy sessions anywhere you go.

The Vivant Ambits mouthpiece is made of food-grade materials and the interior of the vaporizer contains an isolated air path for safe and pure vaping. The mouthpiece is also magnetically attached and can be replaced with a separately sold water pipe adapter.



The Vivant Ambit is designed with a straightforward 3 button control interface, one power button, and two temperature control buttons. With these three buttons, you can control the device's many advanced features with very little effort on your end.

Turn on the device by clicking rapidly five times on the power button. Once turned on, the OLED screen will display the selected temperature, the remaining battery, and the session duration timer. Select the desired temperature level using the + / - buttons beneath the power button. The Ambit offers a wide temperature range (100-230°C) with precision selections that allow you to get the most out of your herbs. With the temperature set to the desired level, press and hold the power button for three seconds and the heating process starts. Indication of the heating process can be seen on the OLED screen. After 30 seconds the Ambit Vape will reach the desired temperature and vibrate to notify you the device is ready for use. Unfold the mouthpiece and begin to inhale. Be sure to avoid covering the bottom air inlet holes during your session to maintain optimal vapor production.

The Vivant Ambit will heat your herbs for a continuous 2 minutes before automatically powering off to prevent any waste or overheating. If you still want to continue the session, just press the power button 2 times before it ends and it will heat for another 30 seconds.


The Ambit also features a convenient magnetic mouthpiece system that makes refilling the stainless heating a quick and easy process. Using a strong magnetic connection, the mouthpiece easily pops-off when you need to fill the chamber, and firmly stays in place during storage.

The Vivant team made the Ambit mouthpiece from the highest quality food-grade material. They completely isolated the airpath through the chamber, so you get the best taste of your herb strains.

You can even purchase a magnetic Water Pipe Adapter accessory to replace the mouthpiece and attach the Ambit vaporizer to most 14 and 18mm water pipes for an all-new level of vapor quality.



Under the hood, the Vivant Ambit comes with a powerful 1500mAh battery that can get you up to 10 sessions per charge, so you can vape all day without the need of charging it. Once the battery runs out, charge the Ambit up with a USB-charger and it will take about 75 minutes to get fully charged.



1* Vivant Ambit Vaporizer

1* Cleaning Brush

1* Packing Tool

1* USB Charging Cable

1* User Manual


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