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DaVinci IQ2


DaVinci has come out with the new and updated Davinci IQ2. It may look similar to the original IQ vaporizer, but it has gotten new features and upgrades. The updates include airflow control, smart Dosing Control system, dosing pod, concentrate compatibility, and glass-lined oven.

The DaVinci IQ2 is for those who simply want the very best portable, dual-use vaporizer, that provides a cooler vapor and the ultimate flavor and control. The DaVinci IQ2 is now one of the best portable dry herb vapes on the market.

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With the new IQ2, the DaVinci team is pushing the boundaries of vape technology. New features like dual-compatibility, adjustable airflow, the ability to read your dosage off of the device, and a better-insulated oven make the Davinci IQ2 something to marvel upon. It’s designed with a protective brushed aluminum casing with easy-to-use controls on the side and LED light display on the front.

The DaVinci IQ2 was made with performance in mind. The DaVinci team has made small tweaks from the predecessor, DaVinci IQ, like the Davinci Pearl extending 30% further to help size and pack your herbs better, and the new shape of the vapor path results in a masterpiece.

There is truly no other device that has more features and functions than the DaVinci IQ2.



DaVinci’s latest innovation is the dosage control, which is quite revolutionary. The DaVinci team wants you to be able to track your consumption of THC/CBD. Just input your strain potency and the amount of herb, or extract, in your oven and your IQ2 will track and report the dose per-draw and per-session. You can also set a maximum dose per session in the app and it will alert you when you have reached your desired dose. This is great for cannabis patients who want to control their daily intake. The dosage will vary based on the length of the draw, the temperature, and how long the herbs have been under heat.


Now with the IQ2 you can use both dry herb and concentrates. The heating chamber will fit 0.5 grams of dry herbs and 0.2 grams of concentrate. The oven is glass-lined and uses conduction heating, making the device heat up in less than a minute. The ceramic vapor path preserves taste, and the flavor chamber and mouthpiece cool the vapor 50% more than other vaporizers. You can add other herbs to the flavor chamber to boost some flavor/terpene profiles in your vapor.

The IQ2 comes with a replaceable 3500 mAh Li-Ion 18650 battery, making it simple to change batteries while out if you find yourself without power. One charge will last you for about 1 hour of vaporizing, which converts to about 6 to 8 sessions. It takes about 6 hours to get fully charged via micro-USB, but if you want you can buy separately an external charger that cuts down the charging time in half.



With IQ2 you have several options on how to control the temperature. You can set the temperature manually, within one degree of accuracy, on the device, or from the app. You can also simplify your experience by using the Smart Path temperature control. With lower temperatures and low airflow, you get smooth, flavourful vapor. With higher temperatures and low airflow, you get thick, dense vapor.

The DaVinci IQ2 lets you control your draw resistance with the new Air Dial that has been added to the bottom of the device. With 5 settings you can regulate and adjust how much fresh air comes in with each hit. For thicker, denser vapor, reduce the draw resistance, and for cooler, thinner vapor, just open it up. Using the IQ2’s airflow dial, flavor chamber and all-ceramic airpath lets you enjoy vapor that is 50% cooler than other vaporizers.



The IQ2 is built with medical-grade components. With the new glass-lined oven and utilizing the all-ceramic air path, no metal or plastic parts will come in contact with your herbs, providing you with the purest vapor and flavor available on the market.

The DaVinci Design team has simplified the airpath design making it easier to clean your vaporizer. Also using a replaceable 18650 battery prolongs the life of your precious vaporizer.



1* DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer

1* USB Cable

1* Extendable Mouthpiece

1* 0.2g Dosage Pod

1* 10mm Bubbler Adapter

1* Ceramic Extract Tab

1* Pick Tool

9* Alcohol Wipes

Note: DaVinci IQ parts and accessories will not work for the DaVinci IQ2


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