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Kannastör is one of the most recognizable grind manufacturing companies on the market. Kannastör makes complex grinders that are ideal for grinding for vaporizers or smoking blends. They have a wide range of herbal grinders that offer massive versatility and they also come in a variety of color schemes and dimensions. All metal components, attention to detail, and years of experience give them an edge that no one else has. Give yourself one of the best grinders on the planet.


Each Kannastör grinder features a removable screen which makes cleaning and replacing your screens that much easier. These pieces also feature unique drop-through holes which aid in preventing the over-shredding of your herb. Kannastör has included their unique and specially designed blades in each of their grinders - these blades result in effortless and perfect shredding. These grinders also feature a really handy screen guard which helps to reduce the stress on your screens. These screens also lead to the grinders having a much larger storage capacity.


Kannastör is the epitome of quality and when it comes to grinders, you will really struggle to find better quality herbal grinders out there. Kannastör grinders perform like true warriors and they will grind up your chosen herb to a fine and optimal consistency. Kannastör would recommend that all of their items be routinely washed with soap and water in order to maintain them at a high level and keep their high-performance level up.

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