Purchases made at www.vapura.cl are subject to the terms and conditions provided in this document, as well as current Chilean legislation. It is a requirement to buy at Vapura.cl the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions indicated below:


· Customer registration and purchase at www.vapura.cl. implies knowledge and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

· Password. The administration of the secret key is the absolute responsibility of each client. Its delivery or use by third parties, loss, theft, theft, misuse of the password or any other eventuality of this nature, the client will have the obligation to change it immediately.

· The data provided by the client at the time of registration will be considered reliable and it will be the client's responsibility to keep them updated. These will be treated confidentially and will be used exclusively to process the purchase and dispatch.


· The products published on www.vapura.cl are exclusively for people over 18 years of age.

· Purchases are subject to the availability of stock for each product.

· All photos published in the online store are purely for reference. Manufacturers may change the presentation of their products without prior notice.

Discreet Shipping and Billing: Vapura respects your privacy, which is why all orders are automatically covered by our Vapuras Discreet Shipping and Billing Policy. Your order will be shipped in a normal box with the "ship from" address labeled GDJ Trading. The name on your statement will also be GDJ Trading and will not refer to any particular product or brand.


· The delivery of the purchased products is only made by shipping by a transport company, with the option of home delivery or withdrawal at a branch preferably if so indicated by the customer at the time of purchase as a note and / or contact us just made the purchase. By home delivery it is understood the shipment to the address indicated by the customer at the time of purchase. Dispatches are made only business days, except holidays.

· Dispatches are made through external companies and they are responsible for the transport of your purchase. Review by the client. The customer is responsible for damages caused to the product once it has been delivered. At the time of signing the receipt of the product, the customer or whoever receives the product must review it and, the receipt in accordance implies that the product was not damaged at that time.

· The company will not be responsible for damage to products received according to the customer or whoever receives the product at the address indicated at the time of purchase, with or without the customer's authorization. It is the responsibility of each client to ensure the good condition of the products received through this medium.

· The delay in deliveries depends entirely on the transport company. In case of delay in delivery, the customer must contact the transport company directly.

· The tracking number will be sent by email and can be tracked directly on the website of the transport company.

· In cases where the shipment is not satisfactory, due to the error of the buyer or the transport company, both in the address or data of the recipient or omission of data. The cost of resending will be borne by the buyer. The same will happen if at the time of delivery to the recipient's address, it is closed or unoccupied, and thus having to make a new delivery attempt.


· Legal Guarantee In accordance with the Consumer Law, every new product has a legal guarantee which is valid for the first three months from receipt of the product and only applies in cases of manufacturing failures. If this is the case, you must contact soporte@vapura.cl indicating the problem and we will communicate immediately with the buyer, the product must be sent exclusively to a branch of a transport company to be picked up, the buyer being the responsibility of the costs associated with the review and / or return of the product, if any. In the event that the product is resent by exchange, the costs of resending will be assumed by us, as indicated in article 21 of the Consumer Law. If the product was mishandled or if it works well, further indications for its use will be given and the return is at the customer's expense.

· All shipping costs for revisions and others (if necessary) must be covered by the buyer. These shipping services will not be refunded.

· Diagnosis. At the time of making the purchase, the customer understands and accepts that guarantees will only be made effective after diagnosis of the technical service, the review technique takes 3 or 4 business days. Any type of guarantee will be exercised, which establishes that the fault comes from the factory and is therefore covered in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Law. By law, failures due to physical damage or misuse by the customer will never be covered.

. If the product is inspected by an unauthorized technical service, it will automatically lose the warranty.

· The legal guarantee periods are counted from the receipt of the product.

· We do not offer replacement products while a product is being diagnosed or repaired under warranty.

· Products purchased by promotion. In the event of a guarantee, money is returned for a product and together with it, both must be returned new. If the customer wishes to keep the associated product or if it has already been opened, consumed or used, he must pay the price of the same before obtaining the return of the main product. The product or products must be returned new, sealed, unused and in perfect condition, which will be verified by the company.

· Depending on the product, the warranty may vary from 1 to 10 years or even a lifetime warranty. In the event that the aforementioned period of 3 months is exceeded, any guarantee must be processed directly with the manufacturer.


· We do not adhere to the right of withdrawal. We do not accept requests for returns of purchases even if the product is new and sealed. We do not have a satisfaction guarantee or returns attributable to errors made by the customer at the time of purchase or after it. Remember to always check what you are buying very well and if you need help to guide you before your purchase you can contact us with confidence.

· The Consumer Law does not contemplate any obligation to suppliers with respect to granting money refunds or making product changes, except in the case of failures or situations in which the legal guarantee is applicable.

· Refunds of money associated with a legal guarantee will be made within 7 days after the technical service determines that the product does indeed have a manufacturing defect. The technical review lasts 3 or 4 business days. The return will only be made to the person who made the purchase and not to the names of third parties.


· The jurisdiction of the competent courts of the city of Santiago, Chile and the application of Chilean law are agreed with the exclusion of all rules on conflicts of laws. GDJ Trading SpA is domiciled in Las Condes, Santiago de Chile.