Answers to questions about Vapura, vaporizers or our services and policies

Vaporizers and vaporizing

What is a vaporizer?

vaporizer is a device that heats herbs to a temperature at which they release their active ingredients into vapor. This vapor contains almost none of the toxic elements found in smoke. See our blog posts about What is vaporization for more information.

How does a Vaporizer work?

When herbs are heated to a certain temperature their active ingredients begin to boil and are released. As the temperature used is low, the herbs do not get burned and there is little or no smoke created. The vapors which are released are much more concentrated and cleaner than smoke.

What are the benefits of a Vaporizer?

Minimal Odour - Ideal for use in small, shared, or unventilated rooms.
Efficiency – You will use far less herb for the same effect. Burning the plant material burns over 40% of the active ingredient as well.
Economy - Vaporizers are far more economical than traditional methods of smoking.
Reported Health Benefits - Studies have found that vaporizing is easier on the lungs and contains far less harmful carcinogens and tar normally found in smoke.

What are the different types of heating methods of Vaporizers?

There are two main types of vaporizers: those that use conduction and those that use convection. Conduction vaporizers heat herbs through direct contact with a hot surface. Convection vaporizers heat herbs by passing heated air over them. Convection vaporizers are considered the superior option because they heat herbs more evenly and there is little risk of burning them, which may sometimes occur with conduction vaporizers.

What are the different types of Vaporizers?

There are also two main types of vaporizers: portable and desktop. We answer this question extensively in our blog post, be sure to read it for more info!

Does a Vaporizer produce any odor?

The odor produced by a vaporizer is almost non-existent when compared to smoking. Within a few moments of using a vaporizer, most if not all odor vanishes.

How do I know when my herbs are finished

The vapor material is done when your plant material changes in color to a much darker color. You will quickly learn this after a few times of use.

Can you re-use your herbs once it's been vaporized

Yes, you can re-vaporize your herbs to extract any remaining active ingredients in any way you prefer.

How does Vapura customer service work?

How can I reach you?

In most cases, you can reach us immediately through the chat app on the lower right corner on our site. You can also send us an email to or use the Contact Us page

What if I’m not satisfied with my product or your service?

We put a great deal of effort into our products and service, so we’ll do whatever we can to solve the problem. We also offer returns and warranty on all vaporizers and hassle-free return policy. You can read more about these in our terms and conditions and shipping pages.

Please contact us before returning an order.

When will I get a reply?

In most cases, you can reach us immediately through the chat app on the lower right corner on our site.

We try to answer emails and messages sent immediately, but at the latest within 24h, we receive the message.


What payment methods are available on site?

Our secure website accepts Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. We also accept Money Orders. To pay by any of these options, just add the products you wish to order to the Shopping Cart and Check Out. Our payment details will be provided during the check out process. We use an SSL Secure Shopping Cart so you can be sure that your order information and credit card details are secure. Read more about our Payment Methods. You can learn more about paying safely from our Secure Payments page which covers the topic extensively.


Are packages discreet?

Yes. All orders are shipped in generic packages or envelopes, without the any Vapura logo or name. It will only show a discreet company name.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes, your privacy is of the utmost importance to us! We use our secure database to store your information such as names, addresses, and order history. All this information is used solely by the Vapura team to process and deliver your order and ensure proper service. We treat all privacy-sensitive information confidentially and will never share your information with a third party.

Your credit card details are securely passed to our and processed by our Chilean Payment Processor, PagoFacil. If you have any concerns or inquiries regarding the privacy of your data please feel free to contact us or see our Secure Payments page for more details.

We also offer the option to make an order without creating an account as a guest, where we only store the necessary information for the delivery.

Does your website use cookies?

Yes. Like most online stores, Vapura shop requires the use of cookies for several basic website functionalities such as the cart. Without cookies, certain parts of our website may not function properly. We also use cookies to monitor website traffic. This information is solely used to improve our service to you and is not intended to breach your privacy in any way. We treat all privacy-sensitive information confidentially and will never share your information with a third party.


What do I do if my package is lost?

If a package is not delivered, please contact directly the shipping carrier and report the incident. You can find the contact options and details from these websites:

What if my package is damaged?

If you discover that your package is damaged after it is delivered, please contact our team.

Please note that the damaged or missing order must be reported to us as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours of the date of delivery. Failure to do so may result in any claims being denied by the shipping carrier. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our policies.

When will my order be shipped?

In most cases, your order will ship the same day if we get the order before 1 PM. Check out our Shipping page for more information

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

It depends on various things as your location, the courier, and the service level you chose when placing your order. Check more info from the carrier or our Shipping page.

I haven't received my order yet, now what?

Firstly, no need to panic!! We do whatever we can to figure if and what went wrong.

Sometimes the couriers fail to meet the delivery timeframes to which we, unfortunately, can't do much.

Usually, the best thing is to check the tracking and give them an extra day or two. You can also contact the courier to ask where your order is.

You can find information about all of this from our Shipping page.

Can I cancel my order?

If the order has not been shipped, you can cancel the order by contacting us. In any other case, contact us, and we will do our best to solve any issues in your favor.

Can I change my delivery address after my order has been shipped?

If we have already shipped your order, we can't change the address any more. However, you can contact the shipping carrier yourself, to request a delivery to another address.

All orders placed before 1 pm, will ship the same day. Orders placed after 1 pm will ship the next business day. If you have not received a tracking number, we will do our best to accommodate any changes to your order but we can not guarantee that changes can be made anymore.